how to grow potatoes in potato planter bags

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I have just planted in a bag for xmas, I used chicken manure instead of vitax and am hoping it will be ok, I also lightly watered as i'd not watched your video till the end, off back to my allotment to cover with more compost to hopefully soak up the water..
Results video?
Your video is great however its about Planting not growing i,e watering, maintenance, harvest, Could you at add a follow video with regards to growing please? 
Thank you
Thanks for your video.  I shall come back to it as I am going to grow my own in the same way this year. 
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This is the second year I have tried this both bad results. The first potato ash added, fresh soil, many feedings of miracle grow. Used 5 white potato seeds for each bag. yielded about 20 potatoes between 2 bags. Very poor. did more reading. This year: used pot ash, fresh soil, standard white potato seeds 5 per bag. results: 5 potatoes between the 2 bags. i noticed my potato stalks were dying like root was infected all season.
Thompson and Morgan say it's not necessary as trials have shown they do just as well if filled to the top, and you can plant them at different levels too to spread them out more
possibly they just didn't have enough food or water for the size bag so you should feed more
I realized why my potatoes were'nt doing well in bags. They were crowded. I put one section with one or two nice eyes per bag, and they do far better than using many pieces.
What mth. Do u plant the potatoes?
Thank you very much for that. I will be starting this tomorrow!
Thanks! Very useful!
Great if you have a free supply of compost otherwise it gets expensive for the yield. Good fun all the same especially if you dont have a garden.
Hi, Great vid! I planted seed potatoes in bags like this a few weeks ago and have been topping-up the soil every few days. The bags are almost full now so do I let the plants grow or pinch them off? Also, how will I know when to harvest? Cheers! :)
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so cool thank u -- im gonna try this --
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